Novometrix Research Inc.

Novometrix Research Inc. specializes in consulting, research, data-analytics, and training to address complex problems in One Health…human, animal and environmental health.

About Us

Novometrix Research Inc

Novometrix Research Inc. specializes in consulting, research, data-analytics, and training to address complex problems in One Health…human, animal and environmental health.

Based in Guelph, Canada, Novometrix has successfully applied its unique collaborative process, known as Community Network Integration (CNI), to multiple issues including honey bee and pollinator sustainability, optimization of profitability and sustainability of the global poultry industry, and outbreak management including the Walkerton water crisis.

Over 23 years, Novometrix has maintained a strong reputation of trust and connectivity within the global animal and public health sectors.

Novometrix Research Inc.

Our Services


Novometrix offers consulting services on projects related to One Health including veterinary science, virology, immunology, infectious diseases, and outbreak response.


Our projects focus on complex problems in One Health including, but not limited to, food security, animal health, biologics and laboratory science, management of infectious disease, and community wellbeing.

Research and data-analytics

Novometrix performs research to create innovative systems, services and products to predict, prevent and treat diseases in animals and humans.


We design and implement training to support our projects.


Meet Our Team

Director of Scientific Operations
MSc., PhD. Population Medicine (in progress)
Vice President
Novometrix Research Inc.

Collaborators and Expert Resources

Jeff Wilson

DVM, DVSc, PhD; President

Dr. Wilson holds doctorates in Veterinary Medicine, Pathology, and Epidemiology. Between 1991 and 2007, he was cross-appointed between the University of Guelph, and the Public Health Agency of Canada, specializing in surveillance, epidemiologic research and outbreak response. Dr. Wilson is the founder and president of Novometrix Research Inc. He has published extensively in the areas of epidemiology, data analytics, industry and social trend analysis and the collaborative economy.

David J. Speicher

PhD, DTM; Director of Scientific Operations

Dr. Speicher is a molecular virologist and clinical epidemiologist with expertise in detection and surveillance of infectious diseases. He is a Canadian who completed his PhD at Griffith University, Australia. Dr. Speicher has a proven track record in infectious diseases with research performed in Australia, India, Kenya and Canada. Since returning to Canada he has completed research on a range of infectious diseases at McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, and was a Laboratory Director during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Speicher has a passion for translational research and collaborations surrounding the accurate diagnostics and surveillance of a range of infectious diseases.

Jocelyn Rivers

MSc., PhD. Population Medicine (in progress);
Vice President

Ms. Rivers is completing her PhD in Public Health at the University of Guelph. She has a diverse background in multidisciplinary studies – international development, gender studies, agri-food, and animal, environmental, and human health. Bridging the different fields and applying outside the box thinking, Ms. Rivers brings an approach to helping create effective systems around environmental and health solutions.